Errata (2nd Edition)

Page 446, formula for upper probability
The probability should be P*(A) = P({ω ∈ Ω)| Γ(ω) ∩ A ≠ ∅}).

Page 446/447, formula for expected value/variance
The formulas should be E(Γ) = {E(X)|X is random variable such that E(X) exists and ∀ω ∈ Ω: X(ω) ∈ Γ(ω)} and Var(Γ) = {Var(X)|X is random variable such that Var(X) exists and ∀ω ∈ Ω: X(ω) ∈ Γ(ω)}, respectively.

Page 451, end of first paragraph
The correct formulation should be of the question should be: “What is the probability of the people that speak both English and German to a degree of at most 0.8?”.
Instead of P({ω ∈ Ω): Γ(ω) ≤ μ}) it should say P({ω ∈ Ω): Γ(ω) ⊆ μ}).

Page 452, first formula
The infimum should be calculated of “(Γ(ω))(U(ω))”.